All You Need to Know About Canvas Prints (and Why You Should Print with Us)

All You Need to Know About Canvas Prints (and Why You Should Print with Us) - Studio Canvassa - Blog

You might be wondering what canvas prints are, how they’re different from printing regular photos, what’s the point of printing one and/or how to go about it. This post will cover the basics of all you need to know about canvas printing, and why you should go for it!

What are Canvas Prints Exactly?

Canvas prints – not to be confused with canvas paintings – are images printed onto canvases using a special inkjet printer. The result is a classy, artistic look, as it gives a similar impression to oil paintings in a museum.

What is Canvas Made of?

Canvas materials are made using hemp, cotton or linen. Cotton is often considered of higher quality, as it absorbs ink better. At Studio Canvassa we use 100% heavyweight cotton. Other printing companies might use polyester or thinner cotton materials instead.

The Printing Method Matters

Our inkjet printers use the giclée (pronounced ‘zhee-clays’) method of printing, something which not all inkjet printers can handle. It is dependent on the resolution of the image, ink and canvas quality, and printer type.

Our printers are able to spray ink at a higher DPI (dots per inch), which means that the colour density is higher. This results in image reproduction that is finer in quality. Colours are seamless when printed, as inkjet printers do not have a screen covering them whilst printing. There are no gaps or dots in the final image.

Giclée prints appreciate in value over time, which is why fine art experts endorse them. They are what famous museums worldwide choose to display and collect. It is the most accurate method of printing, and uses museum archival inks. The colours produced are rich and beautiful.

Flexibility of Sizes

Our printing method combined with the canvas quality allows for your photos to be printed in higher resolution. We have professional clients who print wedding, family, art and more photographs from DSLRs. We also have regular folks who print photographs directly from their mobile phones. This is one of the beauty of canvas prints; the grainy finish and inks give them a naturally artistic look, and without any effort on your part!

Low, Easy Maintenance

Canvas prints are hardy. They are scratch, fade, and water resistant. All you have to do to maintain them is to wipe them using a dry, lint-free cloth. For deeper cleaning a damp cloth may be used, but only on the surface, and must be wiped dry. They are best hung somewhere dry and cool without extreme temperature changes. They do last a long time and so are definitely worth any investment in!

Click here for more care tips.

Classy Decor or Memorable Gifts

Our canvas prints come ready to hang, so you can spruce up your environment the moment you receive them! The stylish look of canvas prints will make your home or office look like an art gallery or museum. We also offer framing options and tabletop stands to meet your needs. Click here for our samples.

We all know that a photograph can mean a thousand words. They capture memories and moments that we want to cherish and remember forever. Many of our clients have printed photos of their holidays, partners, pets, weddings, graduations, and anything else they may want to keep or display. You can view our Instagram gallery to see what we mean.

We also print and design quotes, which are another great way to either motivate yourself, or to give as gifts.

Laminate Prints

If you’re not a fan of canvas textures and prefer the matte look, we also offer laminate printing services. We use top quality FujiFilm photo paper, coated with plastic protection.

They are also scratch, fade and water resistant, and easy to clean. They come ready to hang, and are perfect for digital designs, quotes and photos.

Photo Touch Up & Text Add Ons

We offer free image checks and pre-printing advice at Studio Canvassa, so you don’t have to worry that your image isn’t suitable for the size you want to print in.

We also have professional in-house designers who can colour correct or touch up your photos, and add on text anywhere. If you’ve ever worked with a design agency, you will know that our costs are truly minimal, and turnaround time fast!

We Hope to Work with You Soon!

We hope that this clears all your questions about canvas printing, and why we’re the right company to print with. We’ve been up and running since 2016, and have had many happy clients.

We also don’t require a minimum order regardless of print size. We believe that every customer and memory matters. We want our clients to smile, every time they walk past or look at their canvas prints.

Thank you and feel free to ask more questions in the comments section below. Contact us via our website, and view more pricing details and information there. Alternatively, send us an email at: [email protected]

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