Difference between C-Type and Inkjet Printing

Very interesting article on Inkjet vs. C-Prints! Do give it a read if you have the time to spare: http://www.breathingcolor.com/blog/guide-to-digital-printing-part-1/

In a nutshell – mostly excerpts taken from the article above:
C-print is a form of printing traditionally done in a dark-room on photo paper. The photos are still chemically processed for both negatives and digital images alike. Less costly than inkjet pigment prints on fine art paper. Digital C-prints have a completely different look and feel because they are true continuous tone (con tone) prints, unlike inkjet prints which are halftone prints. Continuous tone simply means there is no break in the tone; this is due to the fact that the resulting colour dyes meld into one another. You can’t use C-print techniques for canvas.

Retro camera , negative film strip and prints (stock image)

Canvas is usually printed onto via dye-sublimation (computer heat transfer) or inkjet.
Inkjet prints are produced by spraying thousands of very fine, minute (picoliter) droplets of ink varying in size and spacing on paper, giving the illusion of continuous tone.

Inkjet Printer (stock image)

“That said, there are those that simply prefer the look and feel of chromogenic prints – the aesthetics so to speak.
They like the way light reflects off a C-print and the glossiness and saturation of dye inks. But because inkjet pigment inks are placed on top of, rather than within the paper (like dyes in C-prints), pigment prints can appear more vibrant under certain lighting conditions in the eyes of some.”

For our canvas printing, we are using inkjet (giclee) in order to produce prints that are fit for sales in photo studios. There are high and low quality available as well. Ours is mid-high quality. Not the extreme best as we want to keep it affordable for the masses, but trust us when we say that the quality is truly superb for the price you are paying. By extreme best, we are referring to  premium markets whereby artists can easily fetch tens of thousands for their canvas print works.


What factors to consider when buying canvas prints?

Interesting read: The Canvas Works

“The bad ones – and there are many – will just go ahead and print your file and then blame you afterwards for supplying a poor quality print file.

I took the decision long ago that at The Canvas Works, we would not go down that road. It’s just lazy. We’d rather refund an order than print a poor quality image.”

Exactly what we do here at Studio Canvassa as well. We will never allow customers to receive horribly printed pictures. We understand not everyone has a DSLR or professional snapping pics for them. We will explicitly make clear on expectations & quality of prints before proceeding. After-all, your picture is a beautiful memory to be showcased. We don’t want you to be constantly reminded of our bad service as well.

This is why we have a high customer return rate. We offer very personalized service, superb quality, and honest opinions. We take pride in what we do. It’s not just trying to make a sale, we are all about building long-term relationships.


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