Singapore’s hottest canvas & laminate printer! Send us your photos, artwork and digital images for printing onto canvas or laminate photo paper.

Our clients come from all walks of life, which includes professional and amateur photographers, artists, interior designers, freelancers, hobbyists, individual retail and commercial clients. There is no minimum order.

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Why Choose Canvas?

Certain memories will always hold dear in our hearts. These pictures should not be kept but deserve to be showcased and displayed. The grainy and subtly reflective surface of our canvas prints brings depth to your pictures, rendering it more life-like as opposed to a standard print. Protective glass is not required for canvas framing so image can be seen clearly without any reflective glares.

A Priceless Investment

Have your wedding pictures, your child’s first performance and graduation, your honeymoon travelogue, family portraits and precious art works printed on canvas for you and your loved ones to enjoy. It is truly an investment in itself.

Why Print With Us?

Giclée canvas printing.
Museum quality archival inks.
Saturated and rich colour tones.
Ready to hang.
Free layout advice.
Checking of photo resolution for print.

Superb Quality

Water-resistant, easy cleaning.
Scratch & fade resistant.
UV protected (no direct sunlight).
Archival inks.
Learn how to care for your prints here.


Canvas Printing

100% heavyweight cotton (non acidic). Professional studio quality. Click here for more info.

Laminate Photo Printing

Fujifilm photo paper, coated with matte plastic laminate. Professional studio quality. Click here for more info.

Framing Options

Only high quality wood is used for framing. We offer classic picture frames, wooden stretcher bars and scroll bars. Click here for samples.

Quotes Design, Digital Painting & Caricature Drawing

We do custom designs for quotes in any size or format! We can also turn your photos into a stylised painting or caricature. Click here to view our album, and check out our Instagram feed for examples!

Photo Touchup & Text

We can correct blemishes, lighting and colour tones of your photos. We can also superimpose any text onto them.


Stretched Canvas Print
Pro studio grade, ready to hang.
1/2” thick standard board.
Thicker borders available, click here to view.
Size Price
8" x 10" $42.90
8" x 12" $49.90
10" x12" $59.90
11" x 14" $65.90
12" x 15" $75.90
12" x 18" $85.90
12" x 30" $95.90
16" x 20" $90.90
16" x 24" $105.90
20" x 24" $120.90
20" x 30" $158.90
24" x 30" $175.90
24" x 36" $249.90
26" x 36" $265.90
30" x 40" $370.90
  • Popular sizes in bold.
  • All measurements in inches.
  • Sizes 18" x 24" & above are considered large.
  • 1 1/2"(+$8) and 2" (+$15).
  • 3cm double board +$20.
  • Table top stand +$8.
  • Click on FAQ for delivery times & info.
  • We print other dimensions as well be it square, rectangular or panoramic.
    Click here to view more, or enquire directly!


Click here to view prices for regular photo prints, caricatures, digital paintings, thumbprint art, pre-made quotes and more.




Are you still unsure or have more questions? Feel free to drop us a message, we'll be more than happy to assist you one on one!

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    How Do I Place an Order?

  • Email your picture to [email protected] Do provide us with high resolution photos that are at least 2MB in size for best effect. We are able to print handphone pictures as well, but reduced quality of print is to be expected.
  • We will check your picture, before cropping it to the correct size required to print. We will then go through with you all available options and alternatives.
  • Upon confirmation, payment must be made before we begin the production process.
  • Click here for detailed visual instructions.

    What is the Expected Waiting Time?

  • 10-14 days including delivery, subject to unforeseen circumstances.
  • We do not work on rushed and last-minute orders, quick turnaround or short lead times. We focus on quality work and quality work takes time.
  • After printing, we need to out-gas and dry the inks for the most accurate colours to come through. This will also prevent air bubbles, ink-smearing, and sagging problems in future. The minimum time needed for this process is 24 hours but in a humid environment, 48 hours is recommended. Thereafter, we work on the coating process. Click here to learn more about the canvas printing process.

    Unsure of Picture Quality?

  • We check all images before collection of payment. We will also recommend the best sizes for printing. After printing, we check on the quality again, and if we deem it unusable we will refund you in full immediately. We take pride in the quality of our work, and want you to enjoy your pictures.

    How Can I Make Payment?

  • Online bank transfer (FAST for same day transfers)
  • Mobile transfer
  • Credit card via PayPal (+10% credit card charges apply)


  • Small Parcels: SingPost
  • Multiple Pieces & Large Sizes: $10 flat rate. Free for orders above $200.
  • Delivery Hours:
    • Weekdays: 19:30 - 22:00
    • Weekends: 11:00 - 22:00
    • Public Holidays: Depends on availability

    Why Print With Us?

  • Museum quality archival inks.
  • Saturated and rich colour tones.
  • Ready to hang.
  • Free layout advice.

    Do You Offer Volume Discounts or Work with Resellers?

  • Yes, drop us an enquiry at [email protected] to register an account with us.
  • We can represent your company (without identifying details).

    Can I Cancel or Change My Order?

  • No problem, as long as pictures have not been printed.

    What Can be Printed?

  • Anything that can be viewed on screen or scanned.

    Do You Have a Physical Shop?

  • No. We operate online only, as our mission is to save you time and hassle when it comes to printing your canvas works. Order your prints in the comfort of your own home!
  • Good printing also takes time to produce and as such, there is no need for us to have a shop space. By doing so we can pass on the savings to our customers, and are better able to offer higher quality prints.

    Am I Able to View Samples?

  • Yes, we would be happy for you to visit us.
  • Please SMS 9740-3353 to arrange an appointment.

    Do you Edit, Colour Correct or Redesign Pictures?

  • Yes. Simple corrections are free.
  • $15 and up for more complicated editing and design work such as collages, adding of quotes, etc.

    Will Colours Look the Same on Screen and When Printed?

  • It will be similar but unfortunately, based on current technologies, there is still no way for colours to be a 100% match.

    Do you Sell Gift Vouchers?

  • Yes we do, in denominations of $5, $10, $20 and $50.

    Why Choose Canvas?

  • Certain memories will always hold dear in our hearts. These pictures should be on display where you can enjoy them.
  • Canvas surfaces are grainy and comes with a subtle reflection. This adds depth to your pictures, rendering them more life-like as opposed to a flat, standard print.
  • Protective glass covers are unnecessary for framed canvases. So you can view your pictures without the obstructive glare.
  • Print your wedding pictures, your child's first performance or graduation, your honeymoon travelogue, family protraits and precious art works on canvas for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Memories are priceless investments.
  • We offer laminate printing as well, which is just as beautiful but carries a different aesthetic. Please click here to learn more on the differences.

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